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Avoid Probate — Hire a Missouri Estate Planning and Probate Attorney

The probate process can be tedious, time-consuming and costly. An experienced probate lawyer can work with your family to navigate through the process effectively and efficiently.

After more than 34 years of helping people in Kansas City — and surrounding communities including Belton, Independence and Liberty — Lewis Law Office, P.C., has the depth of knowledge and experience to help you preserve your legacy and achieve your goals.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced Missouri probate attorney, contact Lewis Law Office, P.C., in Lee's Summit, Missouri, at 816-875-4516 or 877-549-3511.

Let Us Administer Your Legacy — Estate Planning Lawyer

At Lewis Law Office, P.C., we can assist you in selecting a fiduciary ("personal representative," "agent," or "trustee") who will manage your estate during or after your lifetime and guide your estate through necessary actions after your death. Further, we can provide legal counsel on estate probate matters, either before or at the time of a probate action.

We can help you select the appropriate fiduciary (one who acts for you) regarding a wide range of estate matters, including:

  • Probate. Being present at probate court actions involving decedent estates and incapacity estates
  • Wills. Ensuring your will is drafted as you intended, and executed according to law
  • Guardianships. Ensuring that your wishes regarding the financial and medical needs of a minor child or incapacitated loved one are observed
  • Conservatorships. Administrating the finances of a loved one as part of a conservatorship
  • Property distribution. Administrating the distribution of property according to your will, trust or other binding planning document
  • Estate tax matters. Insuring proper handling of tax matters on an estate after incapacity or death, until the estate is settled
  • Trusts. Ensuring the terms of your trust are observed and that beneficiaries receive what, when and in the manner you specify

Avoid Probate • Maximize Tax Protection • Preserve Family Harmony

For a consultation with a competent Lee's Summit probate lawyer, contact Lewis Law Office at 816-875-4516 or 877-549-3511.