Lee's Summit Estate Planning Attorney Since 1976

More Than Three Decades Serving Clients — Attorney William A. Lewis

Hello. I am attorney William A. Lewis. Since 1976, I have served clients in need of help with legal problems. I focus my law practice on estate planning, elder law and other financial planning services at Lewis Law Office, P.C., a law firm in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Over the years, I have established a respected reputation in the east Kansas City metropolitan area. I believe in providing close, personalized services to the families we serve. My trusted coworkers, Mary Ann Swisher and Marsha Trayford, provide that initial warm contact with all those who come to our office.

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Why I Practice Law

Attorneys go into law for many reasons. I did it to help people. To me, nothing is more rewarding than to hear a client, or the survivor of a client, thank me for my work in establishing a will, trust, health care directive or another important legal document that saved money, and brought harmony to families.

Estate planning may not be the most glamorous area of the legal field, but it is incredibly important to anyone who has assets to protect during his or her life or to pass on after death. We believe clear instructions yield clear results and that early planning yields lasting rewards. Legal concepts can be communicated in clear, down-to-earth language that can be understood by those we serve.

Given the option, few people would choose to squander their life savings on probate proceedings or paying for expensive years of nursing home care. Consider utilizing our experiences and services. We have the knowledge, skill and background to protect your assets and your legacy.

It is always less expensive to plan than to fail to plan.

Treating People Right

Many people delay planning their estates for the same reasons they avoid going to the dentist — they think it will be painful and expensive. Visit my law office, and you’ll find an environment that is warm, personable and inviting. Both Mary Ann and I believe in treating people right, something you will discover upon calling us or walking through our door. And since the initial estate planning consultation is free, what do you have to lose?

My concern for others extends beyond my law practice. I have been privileged to contribute to my community as a teacher, school administrator, pastor, civic leader and municipal judge. As an estate planning lawyer, I now focus my attention on helping people plan for the future outside probate to deal with the legal aspects of losing one’s capacity or the death of a loved one.

To discuss your financial legacy with a lawyer who cares about your needs, contact William A. Lewis at Lewis Law Office, P.C., at 816-875-4516, at 877-549-3511 toll-free or by email.