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We Can Help You Write A Will Or Update An Existing One

A will is a document that assigns where and to whom your assets and property will go after your death, and is specifically directed to the Probate Court. Unfortunately, too many people think they can avoid probate by executing a will. That is not the case. However, when written clearly and fairly, a will — coupled with other estate planning tools — can direct the process by which a court apportions your assets according to your instruction.

Lewis Law Office, P.C., in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, has decades of experience helping clients in Lee’s Summit and other communities in the east Kansas City metropolitan area. We can help you draft or update your will for the benefit of your loved ones.

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Do I Need A Will?

The short answer is “yes.” In Missouri, any resident over 18 and of sound mind can — and should — create a valid will. A will is a powerful planning document that can give the creator exclusive control over his or her assets and property in the event of death, including directing non-trust assets to be distributed to the trust.

We have seen too many cases where people died unexpectedly without a will in place. In the absence of a will, impersonal state statutes may dictate who inherits your assets. The situation may also create chaos and discord within families. Don’t let this happen!

Through a will, you can at least direct the court as to your wishes in the:

  • Distribution of assets and property
  • Selection of a guardian for your minor child or children or for an incapacitated adult in your care
  • Appointment of a personal representative or executor to manage the probate of your will and the distribution of your property

A will is commonly accompanied by other documents, such as powers of attorney and health care directives, that govern your interests while you are still alive. Lewis Law Office, P.C. also provides trust planning in conjunction with a will, to accomplish goals such as asset protection.

Amending Your Will

You can amend your will by drafting new language or replacing the original with a new document or “codicil.” We recommend amending your will, in consultation with an experienced attorney, to reflect any time your life circumstances change significantly. It is advisable to update your will (and other estate planning documents) for all major life events, including marriage, divorce, remarriage, the birth of a child, adoption of a child, relocation to another state, or the acquisition or sale of real estate.

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