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“We show everyone the card you gave us. You are all a wonderful bunch of people! 5 stars all around!!!”  – M. Alexander of Kansas City, MO

“Excellent service from attorney and staff!” – D&K Coburn of Lee’s Summit, MO

“It’s not often that we recommend “personal” type services to people, but we feel everyone should attend one of Mr. Lewis’ free seminars.”  – G. & B. Brown of Blue Springs, MO

“It means a lot to us having a Christian attorney to help us get our living trust taken care of.  A special thanks to Mary Ann for taking care of the paper work on our car titles.” – B. & V. Brooks of Lee’s Summit, MO

“Thank you and your staff for all the work you did for us. We had procrastinated too long. We were impressed with the incredible amount of knowledge you gave us and the time you spent with us.  – C. & D. Thompson of Lee’s Summit, MO

“I really like the way Mr. Lewis explained all the documents .” – M. A. Wells of Kansas City, MO

“Very complete and satisfactory.” – J. & V. Walker of Lee’s Summit, MO

“Staff very accommodating – friendly office atmosphere.” – R. & C. Luster of Lee’s Summit, MO

“The binder we have is very professional, handy and easy to use. We can rest comfortably knowing that our heirs and each other will have less stress when the day comes…”  – A.& S. DiMartino of Lee’s Summit, MO

“Through the many years I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Bill Lewis, it was only natural that I put my trust and confidence in him in preparing my ‘living trust’ plan. I recommend him highly.” -L. Benshoof of Blue Springs, MO

“I’ve told a lot of people to go to you. We were so pleased with all you’ve done for us.  Mary Ann was so helpful in making sure all our assets were titled right.” – L. & B. Loveall of Lee’s Summit, MO

“Very satisfied with the way it was presented.”  – A. Valenta of Kansas City, MO

“Explained things so I could understand it.” – G. Leighter of Lee’s Summit, MO

“We were very impressed with the product we received. It is easy to understand.” -Anonymous.

“We feel you were very thorough and caring and will see us through when the time comes.”  – I. E. Tschirhart of Blue Springs, MO

“I am so happy that with Mr. Lewis’ guidance, we were able to set up our trust plan before my husband passed away. It made things so much simpler.” – D. Vader of Independence, MO

“We are pleased to have an attorney who is an expert in estate planning.” – E. & S. Kilbourne of Raymore, MO

“Very professional, thorough, and caring.  Everything was so well organized. Mr. Lewis and Mary Ann have been so good to help us with any follow up questions.” – J. & Rita O’Hara of Lee’s Summit, MO

“I tell all my friends how pleased I have been with the work Mr. Lewis has done in my estate plan and they should go see him, too.”  – L. Zeltner of Kansas City, MO

“There’s so much one doesn’t know about protecting your estate. Thank you so much for explaining everything so well.  It gives us great peace of mind to have this done.” – R.E. & L. Morton of Lee’s Summit, MO